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The Inconvenient Truth and Getting the Message Out

If you're even half way interested in the environment, your childrens future or just how mankind is effecting the planet you will have heard of the film The Inconvenient Truth where Al Gore presents the viewer with a front row seat of the trainwreck that is global climate change.

Whether you like Al Gore or not ( ok, so it's probably *not* ) I recommend that you go and see this and if nothing else spend the two hours or so you spend getting to the cinema, watching the film and getting home to think about what we're doing to the environment around us.

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"Ride The Software-as-a-service wave" from Enterprise Ireland

Event Ride The Software-as-a-service wave
Date Thursday 19th October
Location Digital Exchange Auditorium, Crane Street, Dublin


On demand software is changing how today's enterprise software is delivered. By 2008, more than 50% of software purchased will be as service (Gartner). Join key industry experts for a one-day conference on October 19th to dispel the myths surrounding on-demand software and discuss the implications of software as a service as it fundamentally disrupts the software industry. Learn what this means for your business and explore the opportunities and challenges of the service wave.

Confirm your attendance at

For more information please see

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Yu Ming is Ainm Dom - Irish in Ireland

My fiance is a language teacher so I actually saw this film last year as part of DVD based series of short films provided to secondary schools as teaching aids - since then the DVD has gone missing and I've not been able to track this down untill now. Thanks to Atom Films you can watch the experience of Yu Ming, a bored Chinese shopkeep, who learns "Irish" so he can move to Dublin only to arrive and discover that it's a foreign language to many.

You'll need a decent broadband connection but I recommend anyone even remotely related to Ireland to watch this. AtomFilms - My Name Is Yu Ming

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a copy of the DVD that this came from I would really appreciate it - in particular the film where Gabrial Byrne wakes up after a night drinking only to discover he can only speak and understand Irish.

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Computer Science and Illusion - A presentation by Prof. Andrew Blake Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research in Dublin

Hot off Clare Dillon's Blog - news of a public presentation in Trinity around that promises to discuss the connections between visual perception, geometry and computer processing of images, wacky stuff but if you're interested in technology in general it might be worth dropping in on. Part of the attraction of course us that it's being presented by Prof. Andrew Blake of Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

For my part I'm interested in exploring non work related technology in the hope that following the old addage throw enough mud and some of it is sure to stick I'll actually absorb some of it and some day hit on a eureka moment from a combination of all the disjointed areas I've studied .. might be waiting a while though :-)

“Computer Science and Illusion: A Computational View of the Interpretation and Manipulation of Images” A presentation by Prof. Andrew Blake Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Cambridge Microsoft Corp. 7:30pm Wednesday 6th September Ernst Walton Theatre Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin

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Switching Broadband from UTV - Any Suggestions ?

Despite being reasonably happy with UTVs Clicksilver service over the last year ( ok, if you ignore their flaky DNS and regular dropping of connections ) and or so I'm looking to escape their insane pricing and skip.

I signed up last year for Clicksilver and took advantage of their telephony package and enjoyed access to the fast lane. A few months later the price for that package dropped and since then has reduced to almost half the price I am currently being charged. Once my contract expired, last month, I promptly contacted UTV billing support and asked how I switched to the wonderfully low rates they were advertising but was informed that these are for new customers only ... at which I had to remind myself what year I was in .. didn't companies stop doing this sometime back in the stone age after banks etc. were named and shamed for such rediculous practises ?

The perfectly polite billing person agreed that it was unfair but she didn't have the authority to change the policy for me and didn't volunteer an alternative route. UTV must have got an A for in "Customer Service 101 - How to Annoy your Loyal Customers". I asked if there was anything I could do before I cancelled my subscription I was promised that my case would be escalated and I would hear by email .. yep, you guessed it .. my email is not jumping to the sound of UTV correspondance.

Ok, so sorry about that rant. Really what I'm looking for are recommendations for alternative Broadband and telephony providers. I live in Bettystown, Meath so it looks like it's DSL for me, Smart nor Imagine cover my area it looks like it's down to eircom, Digiweb or BT. The latest BT package looks promising - broadband and all local, national and UK calls ?

If anyone has had any experience with the BT package or similar or can suggest a painless way of migrating off UTV I'd love to hear more. I really don't want to end up disconnected while the transfers are happening.

Finally, I'm amazed at how UTV went from being really cool and consumer savy about two years ago to this :-(

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My Most Popular Flickr Image - The Celtic Tiger

Ok, maybe it's not as ironic as I think it is but this photo never ceases to remind me of the crazy situation we find ourselves in Ireland in 2006. Everyone seems to be racing for more property, more money, more wine, more style and yet I wonder if we just paused a while to consider how far this country has come in the last 10 years would we perhaps enjoy those achievements a little more.

So, if you're reading this - take a break and try and enjoy your life. Don't race all the way to the end only to find you're too exhausted to enjoy the break then.

Old and New Ireland in Contrast on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Ice Cream + Expresso = Affogato Heaven

Ok, so the highlight of my trip to Killarney last weekend was my friends wedding and the luxury of having a few extra days off work but both were closely followed by my visit to Ice Cream Ireland on the main street and their heavenly affograto al caffe. I will spare you the drooling review that it deserves but suffice it to say that if you haven't tried this combination then you haven't yet lived.

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Buying and Selling Techie Gear in Dublin

If you're on the look to obtain, or offload, techie gear in Dublin and ebay isn't coming up with the goods then it might be worth checking out IECF, a site aiming to promote Irish Electronics and Computer Fairs and run by Shane Devane.

It looks like a relatively organised attempt to set up a regular computer fair/market where vendors can book a stall ( like a car boot sale ) and buyers pay to attend. The current venue seems to be Blooms hotel in Templebar so if you're in the area maybe check it out.

Whether it works out or not it's great to see people taking the initiative and developing oppertunities like this.

For more details, rules etc, and upcoming market dates check out: IECF - Irish Electronic & Computer Fairs

Submitted by ppower on Sat, 2006-07-22 10:21.
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Like many who work 9-5 I try and keep an eye on what's happening out there with the hope that maybe one day I'll kick off my own venture. During a regular scan of new sites I spotted, a new site with supporting radio/podcasts and a book on everything and anything around starting your own business. US focused but plenty of resources to get you on your way to world domination.

As the site itself describes itself ...

"StartupNation is the destination where you can learn the important nuts and bolts of small business, such as how to patent your idea, build a business plan, or increase sales. While you're seeking that helpful small business advice to start a business or grow an existing business, StartupNation is also an entrepreneurial resource for you to learn from peers, whether you’re connecting with them directly or listening to them share all on StartupNation Radio!"

About StartupNation - source for entrepreneurs for small business advice to help start a business

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Surfing in Munich - Who said Germans can't have fun ?

Some crazy things happen during the Summer but this has got to be one of the coolest I've seen in a long time ! Considering te lack of surf on the Irish east coast I can only dream of stuff like this.

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

"The Isar River runs through Munich. A finger of it is diverted into a man-made channel that disappears under the city and emerges into the sprawling and beautiful Englisher Garten through side-by-side arched tunnels under a busy boulevard, Prinzregentenstrasse. The stream is fast-moving and about 24 feet wide.

Long ago an urban designer placed three rows of rocks in the streambed to create some aesthetic roil, and, voila, Surf City.

There's room for only one rider at a time so you queue up on the bank, leap in, and if you're good enough, you carve the Eisbach for 10 to 20 seconds before making your inevitable ungraceful exit out the back door."

For the entire story check out the article on at Surfing in Munich 'Hanging zehn' risks an urban sprawl

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